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Popup Book is your source for all things mobile markets. We provide a resource for finding and staying connected to your favorite vendors and markets in a rapidly changing retail world. We are passionate about helping small brands thrive by creating a community that brings customers, vendors, and markets together, putting the spotlight on our amazing creative entrepreneurs. 


the question of HOW IT'S MADE

Popup Book features brands and makers of many shapes and sizes. We are not exclusive to handmade or made in the USA. Why? We think that innovative small brands with a variety of production models are doing great things in many different ways and we want to celebrate that! We do include details on their chosen production model in each brand's profile, though, so if you like to shop a specific category, just type that keyword into the search bar.

Pop-up stores are a tremendous format. They are exponential ways to build a brand.
— Burt Flickinger III, managing director at the Strategic Resource Group l for the New York Times Entrepreneurship